Walk On By

Egon Schiele: Woman looking away

Believe it or not, I am a big Dionne Warwick fan. When I was a kid, I associated Dionne with the TV show Solid Gold and then later with her Psychic Friends, but when a friend bought me Dionne Warwick Sings the Bacharack and David Songbook, I realized what great music she sang in the 60s. I think my favorite songs of hers are “Walk On By” and “Alfie”.



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2 responses to “Walk On By

  1. Charlie

    Eric – When we lived in Houston (1970’s), Marti and I attended a concert in the round with Dionne Warwick, and Tony Orlando and Dawn when they were both still at the top of their games. It was a cozy venue that made you feel you were listening to them in a sound studio. Charlie

  2. eric

    Wow, that must have been pretty cool, especially since it was before her psychotic friends and freaky niece!

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