Writer’s block

Winter Trees

It has been a few days since I have published anything new in Grave Error. I have a bunch of ideas for posts, but for some reason (or actually for a few in particular), I can’t get myself to complete a thought and put it into digestible terms. Let me explain . . .

From Thursday morning to Friday evening, I was in Germany and Sweden for work. Both days required early mornings and late nights. On Friday night, I had a dinner with Beatriz where we finally got to meet each other. Like dueling swordsman (reminded me of the duel in the Princess Bride, “I am not left handed either”), we fought to see who could talk the most and the longest. We also had a funny encounter with Italians. Then on Saturday, I had to rush to Karissa’s house to take care of Ella for the remainder of the weekend. For what it’s worth, I am not cut out to take care of a puppy. As a matter of fact, while I try to write this, Ella is trying to catch my attention by putting a saliva stained tennis ball in my lap. I also got to put dog fecies into little plastic bags. That’s not something that I enjoy, especially when it is wet and warm. Meanwhile I have 83 work-related and unread emails from today (Sunday) alone. Hence, the distraction that inhibits the following posts:

“Towards a quantitative analysis of sustainable dating”

“What I don’t understand about ghosts”

“Do you remember me when I was beautiful?”

“On Music and Sleeping”

“Rose se queda, que Rose no se vaya”

“Woody Allen and Pedro Almadovar: Hearing and not listening”


“An interview with Manolo Clar”


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5 responses to “Writer’s block

  1. mayte

    Dear Eric,

    Regarding your inhibited post “Do you remember me when I was beautiful?”, I can say yes, since you are always beautiful.

  2. Alberto B

    Un consejo de un amigo: menos post y mas chavalas….por lo que veo a la Sra poetisa de las vacas la tienes encadilada..

    P.D.: perdona mi ingles, pero es que es segoviano…

  3. Mayte,

    Gracias. También tengo un post sobre mi relación con el transporte público, que muchos días eres tú quien me salvo de ello por las tarde/noches.



  4. oh, my god….i thought the blog titled “writers bulloks”…ppfffewww. Writing about erics nads would be a pretty story though.

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