My Bro: Keeping it real

My brother is an attorney with MFY Legal Services in New York. Check out this article describing some of the work he is doing. This type of legal representation shows the power and importance of attorneys in our society. He’s keeping it real!


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5 responses to “My Bro: Keeping it real

  1. Eric's brother

    Thank you for the kind words, but I am not optimistic that justice will be served to my clients.

    Here is my venting after a frustrating day (and it is not even half-over):
    Unlike many parts of the world Housing is an exclusive right for the rich in America and the greater the greed the more one gets in this Country. I remember when i was in Andalucia in 95-97 during a time of high unemployment and poverty. I never once saw inequality like i see on a daily basis in the richest city in the world. I never I saw homelessness. I never had the sense that these people were concerned about losing their homes/apts. In NYC, where they have more housing law than anywhere in the world, everyone including the rich fears losing their home/apt. It is one thing to desire to consume, but as whose expense? America is only as great, powerful and free as its underclass and those in prison. And America certainally has too much of both.

  2. eric

    That’s because everyone in Spain lives at home because no one can afford to move out.

    But, I feel your pain.

  3. right, and also in Spain there is something called “OCUPAS”, where anyone and their mother and grandmother decide to break your front door lock and move in. And there is nothing you can do about it because the law will protect their rights over yours…that’s why you didn’t see any “homelessness”.
    At least in the US, you can whip out your semi, and burry them in your back yard no questions asked. god bless america…”meat and potatoes”

  4. Eric's Bro

    That video restored my faith in God.

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