Darwin and the Survival of the Ugly

Botero Couple.jpg

Last night as I was walking home, I crossed paths with a couple kissing on the street corner. Two things struck me about their act of affection. First, they were both very unattractive, noticeably unattractive as it were. Next, although they both seemed to be making their best efforts, the kiss seemed really bad. I was then immediately reminded of one of the more confusing points of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. If only the fittest of the fittest survive, shouldn’t the population be getting more and more attractive? Why then so many ugly people? And in particular, why so many ugly couples? The easy answer is that the drive for procreation, love, affection, and belonging outweighs pride and selectivity.


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2 responses to “Darwin and the Survival of the Ugly

  1. In other words, people lower their expectations to survive.

  2. Pues no se que decirte, el otro dia me puse a hacer una fabada, tenia las fabes, chorizo de cantimpalo pero me faltaba la morcilla. Tuve que ir a una tienda cerca de mi casa que vende productos de hispania. La Morcilla es una puta mierda alli, no se que carajo le meten. Total me salio de muerte al final. Luego os dare la receta. Tambien me salen una croquetas de narizes, pero eso lo dejo para otro blog. Por cierto, alguien sabe de que carajo esta el eric hablando?

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