Pinchos are not lunch, and they are definitely not a meal.

Pinchos are good. They are tastey. But, pinchos are NOT lunch, and they are definitely not a meal. In Spain, Pinchos are essentially the delicious Basques tapas. You take something yummy and put it on bread, and then top it off with an anchovy. Pinchos should be accompanied by a caña (beer) or a glass of wine.  But, for the life of me, please do not expect me to survive off pinchos and some runny potato omlett and a lone croqueta. (Imagine trying to live off of “pigs in a blanket”). That’s fine for my weekends, but without the aid of an hourly dose of digestive cookies, I would already be a total skeleton, a starving, fragile router jockey.



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5 responses to “Pinchos are not lunch, and they are definitely not a meal.

  1. Let me tell you the truth about pintxos (not pinchos), dear Eric.

    As a good basque i think i’m fully skilled to tell you that:

    · First of all: Pintxos can be lunch/meal/whatever
    · Pintxos are not necessarily composed by a piece of bread and an antchovy

    Pintxos are a deeply rooted social rite in the Basque Country.

    I can tell you a thousand of different pintxos made of mushrooms, shellfish, foie, and so many delicious ingredients that you wouldn’t beleive.

    If you go ‘de pintxos’ in the Basque Country you must take not more than 2 pintxos and a txakoli or sidra (some tipical wine and cider) and change to another bar. Normally you start pintxos at 1pm and end at 3pm and you do have lunch properly.

    Every bar has one or two specialty pintxo. For example you can have a ‘Mushroom sauce Bric with rasperry juice’ or a ‘Brocheta de sepia in vinaigrette sauce’ or a ‘Mushroom and foie sauce’. I could follow on and on and on…

    Anyway, your case is something to be solved urgently, as i’ve read in the post i’m answering, so i think i could guide you in a tour to taste the best pintxos in Donostia. You pay pintxos and i pay drinks. Do like the deal?

  2. eric


    It’s a deal! I need the real thing because the pinchos at our Alcobendas campsite just isn’t doing it for me.

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  4. Adam Rattray

    Pintxos are not Philly Cheesesteaks either. But they’re still bloody Tasty!

    Forca Pintxos!!
    Forca Philly Cheesesteaks!!
    Forca Barca!!

  5. eric

    I remember you once telling me that Spanish food was fun for all about 5 minutes and then it all tasted the same.

    Please permit me to reiterate the point of this entry. Pinchos (or Pintxos) are tasty. But, I can’t live off of them.

    Força sandwhiches like in the good old days. And Força the Clint Eastwood Pinball game that got us through the first semester of law school!

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