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Cynicism Galore


Just when I had thought that the DNC Convention was a total load of dung, then the GOP came to the rescue with two statements that have left me shocked by the shere extent of their cynicism: first, the vice presidential candidacy of Governor Palin, and second that Bush would not be speaking at the GOP Convention (the president was too concerned — albeit a few years tardy — with the weather).

I suppose that after watching Hillary, Bill, and then Obama (i) highlight the historic importance of Obama’s candidacy and then (ii) detail how the Bush Administration has deteriorated the country, the McCain people scrambled to adjust their convention’s agenda. Pick a woman, hide Bush under the carpet, and avoid looking like what they are: old, white, and crusty.

Having met Palin only twice and interviewed her at the very last minute, McCain determined that, at such an important historic moment and after considering every other potential choice in a nation of close to 300,000 million inhabitants, Governor Palin was his perfect vice-maverick. First Lady, Laura Bush, rushed to praise Mrs. Palin. I am paraphrasing here, but Mrs. Bush thinks Palin is just precious. Laura knows her well; they’ve met a couple of times (in other words, twice). They sat at the same table last year. Now, that is some heavy vetting if you ask me.

Tom Brokaw, who has proven himself to be a more serious yet less likeable interrogator than Tim Russert, thankfully asked the serious questions to McCain Palin surrogate Tim Pawlenty: Continue reading



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