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Upside Down


Last night’s debate was absurd and one sided, as ReWrite correctly points out. Laila Lalami sums it up pretty well by as having been “Upside Down“:

Four million people have been displaced in Iraq, as many as a hundred and fifty thousand have been killed, food prices are causing riots around the world, the economy is in the can, crude oil is at $115 a barrel, and what do talking heads want to know? Why Obama doesn’t wear a flag pin on his lapel.

Hillary went so far as admitting that she can’t win by acknowledging that there was a reason why she was “still in the race”. What she didn’t explain after saying that she would not have chosen Jeremiah Wright as her pastor was why, on the other hand, she did hire Mark Penn as her Senior Campaign Strategist — the lobbyist who has represented Blackwater and Colombia.

It’s all getting just too silly. Why Obama was drilled for knowing a Clinton pardonee or about his relationship to the flag is anyone’s guess. I guess Carville accusing Bill Richardson last month of being a Judas must have really scared George. Continue reading



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