Cognitive Dissonance (or the World According to Trump)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a Bollywood-themed charity concert put on by the Republican Hindu Coalition in Edison, New Jersey, U.S. October 15, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - RTX2P03M

  • The media is beating Mr. Trump (by rigging the election) vs. Mr. Trump is capable of destroying ISIS, restoring law and order and safeguarding the National Security
  • They’re not nice and unfair vs. Mr. Trump is tough
  • Immigrants are bad vs. Trump gets to keep marrying them
  • Mrs. Clinton is a liar with a dangerous liberal agenda vs. the Podesta emails prove she is secretly pro-Wall Street, pro-fracking and pro-military intervention (ie, she is a closet Republican)
  • Central Park Five are guilty because they admitted to crime vs. Trump is not guilty even though he bragged about repeatedly committing sexual assault
  • Mrs. Clinton aided and abetted Mr. Clinton’s behavior as a sexual predator by standing by him vs. Mrs. Trump stands by her man and blames the media.
  • Big government, regulation and intervention are bad vs. police are always right, increase Stop & Frisk, build a wall and increase regulation of immigration.
  • Taking a knee is unpatriotic vs. claiming elections are rigged
  • Protesters are violent vs. Police responding with military equipment are keepers of the peace
  • You don’t like it, leave the country vs. Mr. Trump doesn’t like it, we should change the country
  • Christianity vs. Mr. Trump
  • Mr. Trump will be incredible vs. Mr. Trump’s campaign

For bonus points, if gaming the IRS makes you uniquely qualified to reform the tax system, would:

  • a misogynist and sexual predator be uniquely qualified to solve gender inequality?
  • an undocumented immigrant be uniquely qualified to reform immigration?
  • a jihadist be uniquely qualified to lead the fight against terrorism?
  • a drug dealer be uniquely qualified to lead the war on drugs?
  • a white supremacist be uniquely qualified to fight racism and antisemitism?
  • a corrupt official be uniquely qualified to fight political corruption?
  • the Ferguson police department be uniquely qualified to reform racist police practices?
  • a man who’s never been a locker room be uniquely qualified to engage in locker room talk?

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