Tiger Woods


Who cares?



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  1. ReWrite


    I actually was hoping you would write a post about the classist nature in which this matter was handled. If this had happened in the South Bronx the police would immediately arrested Big Tigg, called ACS (for the alleged Domestic Violence) and removed the children and placed them with strangers for at least 6 months. Instead, the police politely asked Big Tigg to come down to the station whenever is convenient for him, for which he ultimately refused. I advocate for the Tiger Woods verision of law enforcement (I’m referring to the media’s obsession w/ his personal life- who cares??), instead of the police state which low-income and minorities communities face… incarcerate, remove children and then figure out the facts later and wonder why whole communities are angry and don’t trust the gov’t. Rikers is just a larger version of Gitmo.

    Anyway, Chappelle did a skit on this, its pretty funny:

  2. eric

    Yes, I couldn’t care less about his private life. No, let me correct that. I DON’T want to read about his personal anywhere.

    But your point is good. I was just listening to a podcast (I believe it was Leonard Lopate) about police informants and the example of Jack Abramoff was given. In exchange for giving testimony, Abramoff — probably the most corrupt lobbyist in Washington — got a lighter sentence than someone found with less than a teaspoon of crack. That’s right. The system is rigged in favor of giving free passes and hand outs to the poor and lazy, always in detriment the wage earning elite.

  3. Thank you for that cugino, I absolutely agree.

    He plays golf … so what?

    He acts as corrupted and unaccountable as any overly wealthy individual … so what?

    It isn’t news, important, informative, educational or even necessary …

    Unless you are part of the unwashed, brain dead, plebeian masses who has nothing going on above the neck. Then it “matters” …

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