Top Censored Stories


The Top Censored Stories for 2010 have just been (ironically) published.

Other good recent articles:



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3 responses to “Top Censored Stories


    Here might be one reason that the stories were never published … I don’t see a single verifiable reference/source/interviewee in any of them.

    I love the internet, people actually believe they get “information” in cyberspace.

    On the other side, who cares? How many times have I said that both sides do exactly the same thing? There is no difference between the “parties”, other than who they go to, under what guise/agenda, to get their wealth.

    Credibility goes a long way; bad media hype doesn’t. If you’re going to say you’ve researched the facts, you better have references that OTHERS can verify. Yea MSM!!!

  2. eric

    Most stories published these days by the Washington Post or New York Times, especially those in favor of attacking Iran, increasing troops in Afghanistan or excusing illegal government activities, are published without any credible evidence other than unnamed government sources.

    These are all researched stories ignored by the corporate media.

  3. Ummmmmm … then where is their research, because I found no sources … ????

    I didn’t see any citations, links to government documents, sources, references, etc.

    Who says they are researched stories? Whose authority? Where is the credibility? Validity? Verification? Any quantitative/qualitative analysis? Where?

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