Only in New York

My friend, Christophe, sent me this, allegedly from Craigslist. Albeit pre-crisis, the fact that is in New York almost makes it believable:


And the response:




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3 responses to “Only in New York

  1. LMMFAOROTFL …. “me-ism” much female?

    “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I” “I”

    “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me” “me”

    Golda Digga!!!

    Ability to carry on a conversation about something other than yourself?
    Hobbies? Points of individual interest?

    I believe I’ll just quote my friend Magnus here, “Quiet whore.”

    I think the response is fair and equitable, but if money is all you have, money is all you will ever have. That goes for both of them.

  2. ReWrite

    It is a disgusting post. I was just commenting today how people seek partners for practical reasons.

  3. I blame feminazi-ism for this, mostly.

    The point of the feminism movement, long ago become lost. Instead of being about equal treatment/pay/rights/etc., it became about making a woman into a man.

    Bad idea.

    It can look like a woman, but really, it has become a man with breasts.

    Then add in the media driven effeminisation of the male, (i.e. metrosexuality, making homosexuality mainstream, removing the primal nature from men), and now, for the most part, there are nothing but androgynous individuals who are just gender confused, (boobs no longer indicative of anything other than state of mentality).

    Viola!!! Relationships become about resource allocation and tax interests.

    My friend, the Grizzyl Bear, was just at Disney Land with family this past week. His first comment to me coming from the airport was the fact that for ten days, he had not seen one happy/in love couple there. It made him happy that his choice to be perma-single and uninvolved seemed like a rational, logical choice.

    I concur, it is the only rational position. Any relationship becomes a matter of bondage and servitude; either to finances or to the whimsical desires of the other.

    This female, contrary to want of belief, is not the exception, but the rule. Most are just better at keeping it to themselves. Well, maybe only “some”.

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