I Am Back


Been offline and busy, got married in Morocco, still waiting for the music to stop playing in my ears. But now. I am back.

And I don’t feel like talking about politics.



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3 responses to “I Am Back

  1. Hmmmmmmmm …..

    Are you sure you’re back?

    Doesn’t seem like you are back … ?

    Marital servitude?

    Chains on?

    Freedom gone?

    Is it a ring on the finger, or a noose about the neck?


    Drawn and quartered?

    How’s the rack of marital bliss feel now?

    If you see the Executioner, wave and smile, really … he’s your friend, you just don’t know it.


  2. eric

    Yeah, I know it seems pretty pathetic, but I have a host of excuses. I have been pretty busy getting back to work, plus I am trying real hard to avoid writing about politics. It’s a huge trap. Hopefully, this weekend I will have some time to prove I am not in the guillotine.

  3. Sure you will … LMMFAOROTFL …

    I bet the hangman’s noose sways in the breeze for you, yet now.

    Back to the mill stone boy, you have not the time for such recreations!!!


    Oops, sorry. Marriage is great, all bliss and no toil, best institution ever. If you’re of a mind to like institutions … LOLOLOLOLOLOL …

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