Too Hot


It’s hot, too hot. The daytime temperature in Madrid has not gone below 90F (30C) since the beginning of June, and I don’t have air conditioning. Three months of this continuous, unwavering heat takes its toll on you.

I could cool off at the local public pool, but that would be communism, right? Actually, I don’t go because a recent Leonard Lopate Show podcast totally turned me off to water leisure.

Sure, I would love to let myself get all worked up about

But it’s just too hot. Instead, I would rather spend time wedged between my fan and humidifier, finishing Olive Kitteridge, re-reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, watching the new seasons of Mad Men and the continuously disappointing Weeds, following the revived Real Madrid, and stressing about my upcoming Moroccan wedding.



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8 responses to “Too Hot

  1. do they have that TV show over there in Spain…the one with the male housekeeper and working woman with 2 kids…what’s the name of that show again?

  2. eric

    Dees or Dose. I can’t remember which one. But it’s nuts.

  3. LMMFAO, whoooooooooooooo!!!


    “Your Life, Your Choices” … look it up, you need to see the real face of this administration.

    I could spend hours ripping apart your media links, but it’s not worth the effort.

    The NYT link also tells you about the backlash against Blackwater/Xe, and about the investigations and subsequent criminal cases leveled, and about the fact they are completely relegated to intelligence gathering since 2007 … etc, etc, etc.

    The Economist link, utter unsupported trash. I talk to Brits, every week, and none, not one, of them have a single good thing to say about the healthless care system in England; well, unless you consider them grousing about the fact that there are no English doctors or nurses in the hospitals/clinics, (doctors are mostly Indian/Pakistani and nurses are almost exclusively Filipino – less than 25% are educated/trained in Western medical schools), to be a positive affirmation.

    You’re right, Maobama is a pathetic sellout; mostly to the trial lawyers and their campaign contributions, AIG, Sachs Goldman and the Middle East.

    The only “reform” needed: Torts Law and Insurance company policies.

    You can’t “punk” liberals/socialists/leftists/Democrats ~ they’re all ignominious, sniveling cowards with victimhood mentalities anyways. Show them a G.I. Joe action figure and they shriek like a woman; and that’s not even their most lugubriously pathetic trait. (well, if it’s Barney Frank, he’ll shriek for a completely different reason … LMAO!)

    Vae victus.

    P.S. Good luck with your wedding and full blown marriage; soon you will fully know and understand the nature of oppression, torture and slavery … ::snicker, snicker:: 😉

    “Marry me sweetheart, I’m tired of being free and unhindered …” LMMFAOROTFLMMFAO … “Fare thee well, Eric my friend, I knew thee well.” Sorry, can’t think of a proper eulogy for your life at this moment! LOLOLOLOLOL

  4. eric


    I am watching the new and improved (and grossly expensive) Real Madrid right now. Last night was FC Barcelona. Some good football over here.

    Don’t want to spend too much time on the politics though I will correct in that Obama and his boys are receiving more from Drug Companies than Trial Lawyers. But, the Bankers when the prize.

  5. cnap

    el garn huja- hahaha. Nothing like a ‘Deez Nuts’ joke.

  6. The bankers do take the prize, but you need to look at the trial lawyers bar’s from the campaign until now … way more, hands down. Then again, the unions may have the biggest “donations” of all …..

    I wish I could get some good football here, but I can’t see AC Milan, Inter or Juventus, no Serie A at all … Amurikans still think that baseball and NASCAR are sports; my ass, pfffffffffft.


    Then, of course, there are all those “golf” weirdos …. what a bunch of freaks, right up there with Furrbies and Trekkies.

  7. eric


    I am working hard to stay out of politics these days. Sorry you can’t get the Serie A, but right now I think that Real Madrid and Barça are as exciting as the sport can get.

    Believe or not, Europeans also have their obsession with motor sports, especially Formula One and motorcycle racing (to a lesser degree).

  8. I can understand Formula One being exciting, but NASCAR …. ummmmm, hell no … driving in a circle does not an “athlete” make ~

    I’ve long been a fan of Serie A, brand loyalty I guess you call it. Ric has always been an Englander …

    I love the Bundesliga too, love German football, awesome … can’t have that either. Damn Amurikan sports channels ….

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