Seasons and Longing


I only ever really feel homesick at the change of each season. And now that summer is very much upon us, especially in Madrid where it has been consistently over 90F (32C) for the second straight week, I very much miss home. I miss my brother’s rooftop in Brooklyn (though I have only been up there twice). I miss the drive from Washington to the Bronx through New Jersey. I miss the C&O Canal. I miss Georgetown. I miss the Washington humidity. I miss cooking out. I miss my mother’s garden. I miss the Bay Bridge. I miss the fruits and vegetables on the way to the Eastern Shore. I miss opening the window and being on the beach in Bethany. And I miss my family.


I suppose I am lucky living in Europe. I am in wonderful Madrid and spend at least a little time each month in Paris, probably the most beautiful city in the world. Nevertheless, whenever the seasons change — from hot to cold, cold to hot or in between — I always miss home.



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5 responses to “Seasons and Longing

  1. Magnificent pictures, highly contrasting images; well done.

    Too bad that guy in the picture is so obviously alone and without female affections. Poor sod.

    LOLOLOLOL, 🙂 … sorry cugino, have to take a cheap shot every once in awhile, ManLaw™ demands such, you understand.

  2. eric

    The photo didn’t take itself 😉

  3. Really?

    Do you have empirical proof to that end?

    Ever heard of a “timing device” for a camera shutter?

    YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, now what do you have to say …

    Besides, you’re in Europe, it could have been a random guy … LOLOLOLOL … ::more implications to come!!!::

  4. eric

    Hehehehe. I am not sophisticated enough to use a timer and definitely not sophisticated enough for your other insinuation.

    Nevertheless, I have do have legal proof from the French government that would imply that I was not alone. But more on that to come …

  5. Alberto


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