American Socialism Defeats European Capitalism


It’s ironic that the entire spirit and competitive structure of American professional sports is effectively socialism in practice – its anti-trust violating franchise system, player drafting, revenue sharing, salary caps, player unions, etc – while the European model is almost pure capitalism where only the fittest of the fittest survive, the rich teams always get richer, and the individual athletes have very limited bargaining power.

And guess who wins? Contrary to every belief dear to an American’s heart, the socialist, even communal American model, with its unexportable and indigenous sports, outperforms the Europeans every time. While American football, baseball, and basketball generate astronomical revenues, Europe’s under regulated football is an ongoing soap opera of corruption, scandal, negative balance sheets, and losses.

Who’d have thought that socialism could be more profitable, sustainable, and at least in the mind of Americans, more entertaining. And who’d have thought that the Americans, with considerably less skill, would beat the European champions at their own game (USA 2-0 Spain).


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One response to “American Socialism Defeats European Capitalism

  1. You missed your own point:

    Socialism can only work in the small context; what actually drives American sports, is the capitalism generated by the fan base. Pure free market avarice … even when the fan who forks over thousands per year on tickets, team paraphernalia, beer, snacks, gas, etc … has no idea that their delusion of “inclusiveness” based on team aspirations, will never make them a superstar.

    Oh, and can I get a “woot!”, a “hooah!” and a couple of “OH HELLS YEAH!!!” for the U.S., stomping and shutting out the European overmans of football …


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