Dressed to Kill


Back in the 80s, I was into Break-dancing but not skating. Us break-dancers, if I recall, wore Chucks while skaters wore Vans. There were a few posers out there — as opposed to me — who tried to break-dance in their checkered Vans. I suppose as, a consequence, I was not the biggest fan of Vans.

Now a few years earlier, back in the late 70s, I was a big KISS fan. I had (and still have) eleven KISS albums on vinyl. My poor father even took me and a few friends to see KISS live in 1979 on their Dynasty tour, leaving him completely deaf for three days.


That all brings me to today when I was meandering through Paris and strolled into the local Vans store for absolutely no reason whatsoever because, as I have just mentioned, I was not Van-friendly. Then, to my great surprise, I saw these amazing special KISS edition Vans. They even have the Solo Albums model. Of course, there is absolutely no reason in the world for me to purchase a pair or even wear them, but I feel tempted. Tempted, just like a school kid who wants that KISS lunch box or ridiculous Japanese rising sun bandana break-dance accessory.



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2 responses to “Dressed to Kill

  1. I would buy this pair of shoes. Last year, I personally bought a T-Shirt of Assassin juts because I always wanted it when I was 14. It looks like this:


    The text is from ultra rude lyrics from a French rap group.

    If you don’t buy the pair now, you may never buy it.

  2. eric

    Yes, Anthony, I am in a difficult position. It’s “now or never” as Elvis used to sing.

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