While I was Not Writing About the Election

Last Friday, I made a campaign pledge to forgo writing about the Presidential Election for a total of five days. My intention was not just to give the entire Obama v. McCain thing a break, but to get back to some of my more fun-loving, down home (golly-jeepers, can’t think of the word, kind of, I don’t know, yeah, that’s it) self-mocking digressions. It was not my intention to avoid writing altogether, but in my defense, I was busy. Here’s what was going on (outside of politics in my world) while I was not writing about the election:

  • I was in Paris with the flu
  • I took the train to Geneva to see an old friend that I met in law school and to meet her little baby boy, Matteo. When leaving we, very ironically yet appropriately, ran into our old International Law professor 10 years later in a different country, on a different continent.
  • Eid Mubarak. I spent the first day of Ramadan with my girlfriend in Madrid and the last day of Ramadan with her in Paris.
  • I just got back to Madrid with a couple of new pairs of babouch, Moroccan pastries, and an outfit I can’t wear through U.S. customs.
  • I became an uncle for the fourth time. Welcome Evelyn Rose, named after my two favorite grandmothers.

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One response to “While I was Not Writing About the Election

  1. ReWrite

    I was sick too. Goes to my whole theory of our parallel lives.

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