My Campaign Pledge

David Marat

Grave Error is not a political blog. That was never its intention. The problem is that sometimes I get a little carried away by what I perceive to be extreme political cynicism (yeah, like over 130 times just this year). As a matter of fact, I have always been rather sensitive to and disturbed by all sorts of injustices, cynicism, and falsehoods. While this blog does give me the opportunity to rant about these things, it is also supposed to be fun, full of quirky digressions and absurdities. So to keep with the original intent of the blog (and to address my brother’s concerns), I am making an official campaign pledge to not write about the campaign for five days. This will be rather difficult considering Palin just got less eloquent on foreign policy, Letterman has been ranting about McCain’s no show, we potentially have the first presidential debate tonight, and McCain’s campaign is tanking. But with baby steps, it will be doable.

So in the spirit of non-political digressions, here is a list of some of my favorite old posts from the close to 800 that I have written in the last two and half years (in case you’re new to Grave Error):



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2 responses to “My Campaign Pledge

  1. ReWrite

    Eric, That is my all time favorite picture of Marat deSade. Did you ever read the play.

  2. ReWrite

    I wasn’t try to censor you in anyway. Just poking fun.

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