Unprecedented Censorship: How Bad Can She Be?


The press has threatened to boycott Palin’s U.N. speed date today with world leaders because the McCain Palin team were refusing to allow reporters access to the Republican vice presidential candidate. She still hasn’t held a single press conference. For the vice presidential debate, the Republicans have negotiated a format of short questions to further shield Palin from having to say too much.

Does McCain have that little confidence in Palin that he needs to censor her? Where is the transparency and openness? There is no other precedent in American history for a national candidate being kept this far from the public eye. Like we wouldn’t notice? You’d almost think she was a sequestered juror in a high profile murder case or an Alaskan teenager being protected from exposure to protection or certain unseemly reading materials.

I just wish someone out there would take us, the voting public, seriously. Come on, let her answer a few questions. How bad can she be?


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