The Dream Ticket and Hindsight 20/20


A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was trying to convince Obama that he had made the right decision in not picking Hillary Clinton as his running mate. I know that sounds weird, but my whole life I have had these dreams where I argue policy with various different politicians including Bush 41, Bill Clinton, Zapatero and others.

Just prior to the DNC Convention, the McCain camp aired ads criticizing Obama for not having picked Hillary. It was a clear attempt to throw salt on the wounded Hillary supporters. Then only a few days later, McCain announced the huge game changing surprise, Sarah Palin. And if you believe the polls (and what the press is saying about them), McCain has received a big bounce in support especially amongst white women. Naturally, the voices out there are starting to ask whether selecting Hillary as V.P. would Palin-proofed the Obama campaign.

Think about it, choosing Palin wasn’t just great for McCain, it was also good for Hillary. Hillary and Bill gave excellent performances at the DNC Convention and if Obama now loses, they don’t have to take any of the blame. Everyone will be thinking that the Palin choice would have been impossible were Hillary on the ticket. And if Obama loses to McCain, Hillary becomes the de facto candidate (again) in 2012, completely unscathed — no harm, no foul. It’s the anti-Hillary conspiracy theorists’ political wet dream.

A few months ago, I argued that Obama should not pick Hillary. Over the course of the past week, I have second guessed my earlier decision. Not only would Hillary bring her inexhaustible energy (and Bill’s down home campaign) to the ticket, she would obliterate (like she would the Iranian people) Palin in a debate on any subject (just as Biden would). Nevertheless, I stand by my original position. I have gained more respect for Hillary over the past year, but I also had and still have major problems with Billary’s campaign antics. And in my dream, I told Obama as much, “Don’t worry, you made the right decision, one you can live with, win or lose. It was about integrity and you must stick to your integrity.”


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