Humming Birds, Flowers, Eric Dolphy and More

Conversations is not the easiest Eric Dolphy LP to get your hands on. Iron Man, recorded at the same time, is much more accessible. Nevertheless, Conversations is a very interesting Dolphy recording, with great performances by a wide range of artists. For example, the song in this video, “Music Matador”, features Dolphy alongside Prince Lasha (flute), Sonny Simmons (alto), Clifford Jordan (soprano), Richard Davis (bass), and Charles Moffet (drums). There is also an interesting bass clarinet and bass duet, “Alone Together”.

I wanted to share this music with something else interesting as well, so I combined it with video footage of a Maryland garden full of Black-eyed Susans, Gold Finches, and even a Humming Bird. Enjoy the eclectic randomness of it all.


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Filed under Digressions, Jazz

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