Replenishing Supplies

New Jazz

My modus operandi prior to traveling to the States for the summer and Christmas is to replenish my garrison with books and music that I cannot otherwise readily find in Europe. Thus, a week or so before leaving, I always go on Amazon or Ebay and make a large purchase (to be shipped State side). The supply — supplemented throughout the year with local purchases — generally lasts me until the subsequent trip. As a matter of fact, I have only two books left on deck that should last me from now until the time I travel. That’s some pretty good timing! In any event, here is what I have ordered.



As a side note, I find myself pretty enthralled these days by reed instruments in freer Jazz, especially the bass clarinet, soprano sax, oboe, bassoon, and flute. Yesterday and today, I have been loading up on

  • Yusef Lateef (on flute and tenor sax) from Eastern Sounds;
  • Ken McIntyre (on flute, alto sax, bass clarinet, and bassoon) from Hindsight and Home;
  • Steve Lacy (soprano sax) from Cecil Taylor’s Jazz Advance;
  • Prince Lasha (clarinet and flute) and Sonny Simmons (alto sax and English horn) from their own The Cry and Elvin Jones’ Illumination;
  • Sam Rivers (flute, soprano and tenor sax) from The Dave Holland Quartet’s Conference of the Birds; and of course
  • Eric Dolphy (flute, alto sax, and bass clarinet) from Iron Man (with Simmons on alto, Prince Lasha on flute, and Clifford Jordan on soprano), Out There and Last Date.

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