Me and Barack Obama in Toledo

On Friday, I went to Toledo — just a short thirty minute train ride from Madrid. I just happened to be wearing one of my Barack Obama t-shirts, and I must say that I haven’t gotten so many stares since I used wear my Rastafarian hat to junior high school back when I was fourteen.

Believe it or not, people were pretty excited when they saw my t-shirt. I think Europeans really like the idea of a true change in U.S. politics and in a new candidate. They were also probably pretty shocked to see a politician on a t-shirt; candidate pins, bumper stickers, and t-shirts simply do not exist over here — which is probably a good thing.

In any event, it was a beautiful sunny day in Toledo, and I made this cheesie video of me, my Barack Obama t-shirt, Toledo, and Duke Ellington with John Coltrane playing “Big Nick”.


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