Conflicts of Interest


Sleep deprivation may or may not cause deliberate lying, but having trouble sorting out reality when you’re tired does not lead to “day one readiness” or fair well at 3:00 am under any circumstances. But what we have here today is some good old fashioned American hypocrisy. No, I am not talking about telling the American people that you have real solutions to their economic problems when you’ve just brought in over $100 million.

I am talking about traveling the country telling working class people that you’ve always been firmly against NAFTA and other free trade agreements when you weren’t in the past and you’re not in the present. Just ask Hillary’s Chief Campaign Strategist, Mark Penn. Penn continues to work as a lobbyist for a company that has recently been contracted to lobby Congress to pass a trade deal with Colombia. No matter how you pin it, it’s a conflict and smells real bad.


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