Barack Likes Mediterranean Food


The Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, published this photo today of Obama enjoying Mediterranean cuisine. “Mediterranean cuisine”? Mediterranean cuisine can be Moroccan, Tunisian, Lebanese, Turkish, Greek, Italian, French, and so on. Not necessarily Spanish. My guess is Barack is surrounded by French and Italian food, but if it makes El Mundo feel more patriotic to call it Mediterranean and have its readers believe it is Spanish, then more power to them.

It’s a shame that Spain does not do a better job of marketing and exporting its food.


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One response to “Barack Likes Mediterranean Food

  1. Fadi

    Not really true, Jose Andres has a cooking show on PBS called “Made in Spain” and sponsored by various Spanish public-private patrons. Andres owns a number of restaurants in DC but has also expanded his business to run hotel restaurants all over the US. He also organised a kind of a one-day franchise showcasing food from the famous Spanish restaurant El Bulli on the Costa Brava

    In Made in Spain, Andres looks and sounds like a bafoon though…

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