Who will be the Third Bush?

Bush Family.jpg

In last night’s Democratic presidential debate when Hillary was asked about political dynasties, she responded,

It did take a Clinton to clean [up] after the first Bush, and I think it might take a second one to clean up after the second Bush.

But this morning, my boss, Diego, very accurately raised the logical danger of Hillary’s response, “And then it will take another Bush to clean up after another Clinton”.

Hillary’s easy, teenie-bopper one-liner that sounded like something from a high school pep-rally before the big game against the old rival does not even come close to addressing one of the most important questions about her candidacy. Is voting for a second Clinton after a second Bush a disasterous sign for the American political system?

Anyone taking bets on the third Bush to be followed by Chelsea?



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6 responses to “Who will be the Third Bush?

  1. ReWrite


    I actually think that is it for the Bush Family.

  2. I’m not certain that Jeb would even have rights of contention at this point, Rewrite.

    I think Georgie might have sunk that family politically.

  3. On a separate note, is that goon wearing cowboy boots with a tuxedo? I have to be seeing that wrong, even he wouldn’t be so shoddy as to stoop to manure waders …

    Then again …

  4. eric

    I think those are indeed boots. That’s a good eye you have there. It must be part of his local fundamentalist Christiano-Fascist garb.

  5. ReWrite

    James that was my precisely my point and i think you are right about the boots.

  6. You’re definitely on target with that assertion, and I don’t see any negatives to the Bush inbred genetic line being removed from American politics.

    Anyone wearing boots with a tuxedo seriously needs to be removed.

    “Hey you, out of the gene pool, you’re mucking up the works.”

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