The Secret CIA Torture Flights

gtmo pows.jpg

I just read this article in El País about the secret CIA flights through Portugal transporting “alleged” enemy combatants from secret prisons to the rights-free Guantanamo concentration camp. The article also mentioned how the CIA would purchase foreigners found in Afghanistan or Pakistan from local authorities for $5,000 to send them to be tortured.

Because I don’t fully trust El País, I reseach the source of the story and found the original report from the British NGO, Reprieve. Take a glance at its “Journey of Death” report and press release. It is some pretty scary stuff. How we ever opened these prisons, have yet to shut them down, how many of the prisoners involved were simply people in the wrong place at the wrong time, and how apathetic the entire country has been towards their plight is absolutely, positively sick and disgusting.

But on a more positive note on the War on Terror, Exxon Mobil reports record profits!


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