Obama Above the Rest

Here is Obama’s South Carolina vicotry speech. It is probably the most moving speech of any politician in my lifetime, and shows how Obama can rise above the Clinton mud slinging to show that there just may be another way. Regardless of whether Obama will ever be able to beat the Clintons or actually make any change, at least he’s moving in the right direction. And that is change enough for me.



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5 responses to “Obama Above the Rest

  1. ReWrite

    that is a really amazing speech, particularly the last 5 minutes or so.

    but for the last minute or less, he reminded me of Malcolm X, just w/ different rhetoric. Then at the very end he switched into MLK mode.

    It is quite a juxtaposition listening to Obama speak vs. Bush last night.

  2. eric

    He has done an amazing job of turning the Clinton’s criticisms into his own positive campaign propaganda. I am more than impressed. Of course, my work colleague over here think that these types of speeches are very very strange.

  3. Winning when no one said you could: $Candidacy

    Showing candor when speaking: $Popular Support

    Being able to give a political speech in proper, unbroken English:

  4. eric

    What a huge contrast to George W. Bush to see a presidential candidate be able to speak in complete sentences. Thank heavens we won’t have to listen to Bush’s lamentable oratory much longer.

  5. “Oratory”? Surely you jest?

    I’ve heard toddlers who can babble more coherently than that fool.

    English is to Bush, as lucidity is to the American public.

    “Your Honor, the defense rests.”

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