A Premature Mid-Life Crisis

I have had absolutely no regrets about how I have lived my life (to date), with possibly the sole exception of consistently taking jobs that pay less than the previous ones. Furthermore, I am only in my early mid thirties (a euphemism to say the least) and it’s not even the Friday after Thanksgiving yet, but I really feel like going back in time.

I am dying to be seven years old or maybe eight or nine and back home at Christmas time. I would even settle for anytime between October and December 30th. Even though there was always something slightly threatening about October 31st, Halloween was an exciting time for being a kid. And I always loved Thanksgiving in New Jersey. And then there was the happiest, most expectant time of the year, Christmas.

Last year when my Bro came to visit, he brought the Arrested Development series on DVD, and I loved to hear the Vince Guaraldi Trio playing “Christmas Time is Here” whenever Gob was sad. My sister and I used to go crazy over all of the Christmas TV Specials, and I still feel something nostalgic and special whenever I hear the lyrics to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” being sung.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on your troubles will be out of sight

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Make the Yuletide gay
From now on your troubles will be miles away

Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore,
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us, once more

Through the years we all will be together,
If the fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough
And have yourself a merry little Christmas now.

But for the time being, I will have to wait until Friday, November 23, to listen to my favorite songs, and until December 20, inshallah, until “I’ll be home for Christmas”.



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6 responses to “A Premature Mid-Life Crisis

  1. looks like your christmas spirit will slowly become a political incorrect tradition starting from here

  2. eric

    How about “Happy Holidays”?

  3. ReWrite

    this is one thing we definitely do not have in common. I did enjoy most trips to “Grandma’s” but i hate holidays more than Jehovah’s Witnesses do. And the music is one of the worst parts.

  4. eric


    That’s a little ironic, considering you always got the most and best presents.

  5. I enjoyed holidays when I was younger.

    Now, [middle finger] to all holidays, nothing more than consumerist rape and another march for legislation by PC idiots and their self-idolatry …

    Up your corporate Santa, you are fat, and we have to get you slimmed down to be acceptable for the socialist tyrants and their PC mentality.

    Oh, and you can’t say “Christmas” in America any longer, because that’s a Christian holiday which isn’t and never was a Christian holiday because Americans are the worst kind of deluded, clueless, moronic, useless fleshbags that don’t have any idea of how the church assimilated pagan traditions and symbology …

    But we can have a “Festiva” or “Qwanza” … hell, just make up a word and give it a date, that works, the socialists will love it as holiday, as long as it validates some group of losers with a perceived and unsubstantiated grievance …

    Great post cugino.

  6. eric

    Christmas, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Easter Bunny, yep, their all corporate ploys to get us consumers to spend more money, more times during the year. It’s all trash, nevertheless, getting kids feeling special and excited about spending time together with their family is important … even if all of the cool toys destroyed it for ReWrite.

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