Crustaceans Aren’t the Only Ones


I was recently forwarded a news article on how crustaceans suffer pain when we crack their little backs to extract their meat or when we boil their clawed little bodies. I did some more research to verify this story and the original source proved real.

The problem is that we’re all forgetting how, for example, an ear of corn must feel when we stick forks into its temples, humiliate it by rubbing its face in butter, and then proceed to consume it heartlessly and mechanically like an old typewriter.

There are so many causes and yet such little time. If we only had more time to direct our attention to these causes and redirect ourselves away from our own deteriorating lives. Oh, what a wonderful place that would be.



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5 responses to “Crustaceans Aren’t the Only Ones

  1. we are also forgetting how all these Veggies & crustaceans must feel with EP in their Ear.


  2. eric

    Gran Huja,

    Or sobaco en la carita de un niño!

  3. The individual who wrote the article, should be shot on sight as a dangerous genetic defect, of which, this planet has more than it needs already.

    The evolution of the hominid rested upon predation, without which, we’d still be swinging from trees …

  4. eric

    One of the conclusions was that in many instances pain hurts.

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