Stop the Bullets, Kill the Gun


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5 responses to “Stop the Bullets, Kill the Gun

  1. Hysi

    Este video es un vicio.

  2. Blaming guns for violence, is like blaming legislation for bad politicians.

    It is the wielder, not the wielded, that is both the power and the perpetrator.

    Take away all guns, and we’ll just go back to hurling stones or chucking spears … it’s not only a moot point, it’s baseless and idiotic.

    Primal impetus of genetic dominance, it should never be, and can never be, removed from the animal.

  3. eric

    It’s like blaming drinking and driving for car accidents, cigarettes for cancer, drugs for drug addiction, polluting for pollution.

    Even so, statistically, we have the highest murder rate overall and per capita, the highest murder rate by gunfire overall and per capita, and the most guns in the world.

    Guns, death penalty, attacking foreign nations, miliary spending, domestic spying, citizens in jail . . . the list goes on the seperates us from the rest of the developed world.

  4. ReWrite

    And pretty soon the US economy will negatively separate it from the rest of the developed world.

  5. Eric,

    You would expect anything different from a nation of window lickers? Any country where the majority of the populace is more interested in Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, and felons masquerading as sports heroes, than logic and/or critical thinking, awaits the fall.

    Were we ever really “part of” the rest of the world? I don’t think so.


    Aye, and again, expectation met no matter how much it displeases us.

    Yea Hominids!!!

    I think we could simplify the situation, and turn some coin to boot, if we just start licensing for open season on urban populaces nation wide. It could work!!!

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