Lebanese Bzazel

Lebanese bzazel.JPG

Every country has its own regional reputation. And there is certainly one for Lebanese bzazel!



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4 responses to “Lebanese Bzazel

  1. Fadi

    The only thing missing is the background, which should represent a smogish uncontrolled dump…

  2. Lebanese are blonde? Since when?

    I’ve met a number of this ethnicity and they were are all dark skinned and black haired … ??????

    The bzazel are definitely improved in the second picture … it might be love again.

    Yes, definitely, the sudden rush of blood away from the brain says it can’t be anything other than love!!!

  3. eric

    I think part of what is supposed to be funny is that they do the TOTAL make-over.

    Nevertheless, Lebanon is a multi-cultural, multi-relgious, multi-ethnic, and one of most diverse countries in the region.

  4. Fadi


    There are a number of Lebanese (mainly Tripoli and Tyr) and Syrians (mainly Lataquieh) who are blond with blue eyes from the Crusades period (near the main Crusades Castles: Tripoli St Gilles and Homs Crack des Chevaliers and Saladin castles). My cousins from Tripoli are… The mix is sometimes “untaperadely” breathtaking…

    My father’s cousin, Moussa Prince (nothing to do with Blackwater!), established his genealogic tree in the 60’s, which proved that he was the direct descendent of Raymond de St Gilles, Comte de Toulouse, the first Crusade (1105) to rule Tripoli. Based on his tree, he wanted to reclaim Tripoli’s St Gilles castle and the Lebanese government told him to go f. himself…

    Interestingly, some families converted to Islam when the city fell to Sultan Qalawun’s forces (1289) but kept their names such as Desguise (de Guise), Chamboor (Chambord), Zok (Duc), etc.

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