The All American Asshole

A-S-S-H-O-L-E. Dennis Leary’s classic song from the 90s, and one of ReWrite’s favorites.


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3 responses to “The All American Asshole

  1. Always been a fan of the Leary brand of cynicism.

    Freedom of expression, includes being a belligerent, uncompromising [forbidden expletive deleted], which is a good thing.

    Although, after my recent trip to Chicago, I can say without reservation, Americans, by no means, hold an exclusive license to that attitude. I don’t believe I heard an “American” accent the entire five days … they should just annex the city and call it Santa Cago or Los Shy …

    So much for integration, I love the appeasement lies … LMMFAOROTFL. I hope that city burns, with all its residents unable to escape. Hooah!!! Nero wins.

  2. polyanna

    Polyanna is sad that the author of the last reply would want any city to burn and its residents unable to escape. After all the residents of all communities, countries, nations, are human beings, victims of the leadership of each particle of powership.
    Yes, our world is changing. I see it change in my own community every year.I have to learn to integrate these people into my neighborhood. They don’t always want that to happen, which is a problem. But the important thing is for each of us to do our part in society as we are free to do. We cannot blame immigrants for taking our jobs if we in deed are doing our jobs. Stand tall Americans. I think we sometimes forget to do that.

  3. eric

    Sounds like a description of NYC from 1890 to the present.

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