Shifting Targets

Shifting Targets.jpg

I would really love to shy away from my politically motivated posts and get back to the sillier Digressions. I also have laundry to do, a flu to supervise, and plenty of work related to work. But I find myself feeling like Michael Correlone in Godfather Part III: everytime I am almost out, they pull me right back in.

And so it is. Just as we all saw it coming for more than a year now, Seymour Hersh has just published an article in the New Yorker entitled “Shifting Targets: The Administration’s Plan for Iran“. In August 2006, Mr. Hersh published an article, also in the New Yorker, revealing how the Bush Administration had supported Israel’s attack on Hezbollah last summer as a pre-cursor/trial-run for its own eventual attack on Iran. Sounds like the surge conveniently got a lot of troops into Iraq and real close to Iran.

Enough said.


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