Step Inside This Room

One of thing that I achieved while home was to clean my room. My room was filled with almost everything that I have ever owned and kept since I was born, including clothes, books, letters, and banks statements for all of the nineties.

In this video to Lyle Lovett’s “Step Inside This House” (from the album of the same name), I try to show the general mess and then the results of the cleaning. I threw out about five large American sized trash bags worth of papers and other garbage (including my 1990 30 pound Zenith laptop). I also found my baby blanket (or what’s left of it) and my first teddy bear (“Baby Bear”) that is probably as old as I am. I thought the process would be more nostalgic, but strangely it was not. I suppose that because I cleaned everyting out so quickly, it didn’t give me much time to reflect. I did feel slightly moved when I found some of my old college papers, high school report cards, and filings and briefs from my first work as a lawyer doing litigation but not enough to really get me thinking about the past. I guess I was more shocked than anything else when I looked at my old timesheets from when as a 27 year old lawyer I made about three times more than I make now. I am one of those few people who has consistently made less money with each new job.

I probably threw out (gave away to charity) about 70% of my clothes. I did keep a few shirts that I will probably never wear again, simply out of sentiment, recalling when I first bought or wore them. I still have to do something about the books that don’t fit on my bookshelf, and eventually I will have to take down the posters that trace my various odd interests while maturing into a very “normal” adult.

Anyways, I always loved these lyrics to this song (written by Guy Clark):

Step Inside This House

That picture hangin’ on the wall
Was painted by a friend
He gave it to me all down and out
When he owed me ten
Now it doesn’t look like much I guess
But it’s all that’s left of him
And it sure is nice from right over here
When the light’s a little dim

Step inside my house babe
I’ll sing for you a song
I’ll tell you ’bout where I’ve been
It shouldn’t take too long
I’ll show you all the things I own
My treasures you might say
Couldn’t be more’n ten dollars worth
But they brighten up my day

Here’s a book of poems I got
From a girl I used to know
I guess I read it front to back
Fifty times or so
It’s all about the good life
And stayin’ at ease with the world
It’s funny how I love that book
And I never loved that girl

Hold this piece of glass
Up to the light comin’ through the door
It’s a prism glass I found on the road
Can you see that little rainbow
Well it’s not really a prism I guess
It just broke in a funny way
I found it on my way from texas
Headed for L.A.

This guitar was given me
By old man thomas gray
It’s not too much to look at
But I pick it every day
It’s been across the country
Four or five times I guess
Between me and old man tom
It never got much rest

Well that’s about all I own
And all I care to I guess
Except this pair of boots
And that funny yellow vest
And that leather jacket and leather bag
And hat hangin’ on the wall
Just so it’s not too much to carry
Could I see you again next fall


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  1. dearest eric:
    welcome to the world of adulthood:
    the more you love your work, the less money you make……i’m a living testament.
    loved seeing and talking to you,

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