Zizou Revisited

Just found this Zidane highlight video and thought I would revisit Zizou. The image quality isn’t great here, but you get to see some of the reasons why Zidane was such a pleasure to watch. As a matter of fact, I saw some of this footage live at the Bernabéu.



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7 responses to “Zizou Revisited

  1. Damn, Michelangelo of the pitch.

    He should be revisited, for any ardent calcio fan.

    Viva la Zizou!!!

  2. eric

    Pretty amazing. I know it’s pathetic to say, but some of my happiest moments were watching this guy live on the field.

  3. Well, then I’ll be more than happy to sit right next to you on the pathetic bench, because watching Il Divino play, WC90/94 with my father were some of my happiest moments …

    Watching WC 02/06 with Zizou were memorable as well …

    It’s not a defect to find something entertaining, especially when you are watching someone who takes sport and competition ~ and creates the beautiful forms of art out of their own efforts of physicality.

    There really isn’t much difference between watching a cheetah and gazelle, or Zizou and Roby ~ graceful motion is always something to admire.

  4. eric

    “Roby” now that’s funny!

  5. Why? That’s what the Italians have called him forever … and he tends to prefer that to the Divine One or the magic ponytail.

    Can’t say as I blame him either.

  6. eric

    I didn’t know that. He could cut off that pony tail and make a nice wig out of it for Zizou.

  7. I don’t know cugino, Roby’s hair is kind of coarse and knotty …

    Would Zizou look good in a fro?

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