6 Billion Others

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Six Billion Others is a very interesting website and concept. The idea, created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, was to tell an ongoing story of people from all over the world. His team visited some 65 countries and interviewed 6,000 people.



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6 responses to “6 Billion Others

  1. William

    Truly AMAZING website !!!! How did you come across it ? My girlfriend and I have been glued to these videos for the past hour. Fascinating.

  2. eric

    A friend sent it to me. Yes, I really enjoyed it. Of course, the obvious problem is that because it is edited, I am sure that it is fairly easy for the producers to manipulate and create the answers they are looking for, some may even be out of context. But, still, I find it great. At least it give voice to others and shows some comparative perspective (although that too could have been manipulated).

  3. Yao

    A real fascinating and moving project indeed.
    ps : watching some of the videos reminded me of how fortunate (and priviledged) i am to have a good dentist). Sorry for this frivolous comment but i had to point that out.

  4. eric

    Yao, Yaouch! But, yes good oral hygiene is important.

  5. está genial! ahora mismo para mi delicious 🙂

    (no sabía que podíamos encontrar cosas interesantes en tu blog! :P)

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