Mine Virgin Eyes

Morning in Bethany.jpg

After many complaints about nightmares caused by the Qtip earwax image, I am putting this photo of a beautiful morning in Bethany. Thus, virgin eyes won’t be exposed to the golden earwax right upon opening Grave Error. Please scroll down to be digusted.


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One response to “Mine Virgin Eyes

  1. Nice try, but too little, too late.

    I’m damaged goods, never to be whole again, my unique and special inner butterfly, forever tainted by your thoughtlessness.

    As a matter of disclosure, I will likely procure the services of your brother to represent me in a civil action, where it will be shown that I am duly entitled to recompense, either at your expense, or that of the taxpayers.

    I’m a victim. You shameless perpetrator of internets horrors!!! (You might actually be, dare I say it …. e-v-i-l.)

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