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I finally finished Mohamed Choukri’s Streetwise last night, and as mentioned, the translation was horrendous. Like For Bread Alone, Streetwise ended abruptly, but unlike the first story, this one ended awkwardly, making me think that it was another error by the publisher.

Regardless, I did enjoy the story, and in particular, I very much liked these two quotes:

One’s living of life and one’s understanding of it do not correspond in time. Probably life’s most beautiful aspect is its delusions.

And the following quote that Choukri acknowledges as part of the writings of a woman named Saliya:

You block my way at every point. What am I to do? There is no way out for me. You scare me, like some mythical monster. I am searching for a dream and I find no inspiration in you. You want me, but I want myself with that same strength with which you claim to want me.

I love that last sentence!


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