If Bush were Black

My bro keeps sending me this video clip from the Chappelle’s Show where comedian David Chappelle shows how the Bush Administration would present the War in Iraq if Bush were in fact Black. If you’re not American, you probably won’t get it, but trust me, it is pretty funny.


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9 responses to “If Bush were Black

  1. TheCommentKiller

    “Red Rocks!”

    Did you see the republican presidential debate? I don’t support any of these clowns, but i enjoy watching them debate- if you can call one soundbite after another a debate.
    Romney tore it up, McCain was garbage and i thought Rudy G. did well considering that the focus was on social issues. The rest of the pack was garbage. I was impressed by Romney and Rudy G.- i think they will remain the front-runners.

    I think Romney matched up against H. Clinton could win, but against Obama he would get out charmed; whereas Rudy G. would be outmatched by Clinton, but could strong-arm Obama.

    It was painful yesterday that i most agreed w/ Rudy G. (other than the libertarian from Texas that doesn’t have a chance).

    “you might speak 15 languages, but you gonna need them when you are in time square selling fake hats.”

  2. eric

    Yes, what I have read from pollsters and in the news is that in the presidential elections Rudy would beat Hilary but lose to Obama, and yet Obama would lose to Hilary in the Democratic primaries.

  3. TheCommentKiller

    i don’t buy either of those. it is too soon to tell regarding the latter.

  4. eric

    I just saw a clip of the debate. It really is all so ridiculous–everyone pretending to get along, and the best, a bunch of old white guys. With the exception of McCain who has gray hair, they almost all looked exactly the same. Do any of these guys really represent America?

  5. TheCommentKiller

    Corporate America- yes. American Citizens- no. But democrats, for the most part, except for Kucinich and Gravel- are the same.

  6. Mr. Chappelle lives about 10 miles from me, in Yellow Springs. He’s at the pizzeria every Monday there.

    “Who said anything about oil bitch” … LMAO. Most of his skits aren’t nearly this good, but yes, this one is spot on. LMAO, hold on, I have to watch this again … LMAO.

    Cugino, is it accurate to say that you don’t believe that Puritan White Anglo Saxon males in suits represent the greater Amurikan society?

    Surely you jest.

  7. eric

    Actually, don’t know. Maybe I have been out of the country for too many years. But they don’t look like anybody I know.

  8. Ahem … shhhh, don’t tell anyone else, this is all on the “down low” … there isn’t an actual Amurikan society, just a bunch of segregated ethnic groups in the vice of polyglot oligarchic socialists.

    The only reality in Amurika comes from Jerry Springer, VH1 and American Idol ….

    Don’t say anything, you’ll upset the mindless herds here. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (i.e. you can’t represent/misrepresent that which does not exist)

  9. TheCommentKiller


    you may enjoy this from david cross. it goes w/ some issues you have raised in the past regarding flags in the u.s. v. europe:

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