I think I am in love

Picasso Harlequin and mirror.jpg

Have you ever been in love? You spend all day at work, dreaming of nothing more than arriving at home to be with that special someone. Any absence from your beloved is flooded with thoughts of reunification. In a crowd, a mere glance across the room rings of complicity. You are dying for the escape, to rush to your secure, shared habitat to rejoice in total intimacy. No matter its size, your bed is your common palace and marks the territory of your kingdom.

Have you ever been in love? You know your beloved is not perfect. But you have accepted her faults as inherently intertwined with her attributes. You crave them all, you anticipate them all. You reach and find her, you close your eyes and see her, you sleep and dream of her.

Have you ever been in love? You never get angry with her, for you have already accepted your beloved in her essence. You do not need to ask for forgiveness, for you have been accepted in your essence. You have faith and you are trusted.

Have you ever been in love? And if these are the signs of love,

If this is love, then I am just a solipsist in love with himself.


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