I fall in love too easily

I fall in love too easily, I fall in love too fast. I already explained some months ago how I suffered with Natalia Verbeke (sorry, it was in Spanish), and the same thing happened to me a few years ago with Zhang Ziyi (as seen in the picture above). It always starts with a touch of love at first sight, and then I go on to renting or buying all of their DVDs. Unfortunately,

I often lose interest after having repeatedly viewed six or seven of their movies. As in the case of Natalia Verbeke, it was seeing her in person that turned me off.

Sometimes, I believe that my heart is this gigantic fortress filled with thousands of special chambers where I can hold many a beloved with equal affection and dedication. Then, other times, I am suddenly discouraged. I come across a new face and discover that in reality my heart is very, very small, humble and weak. I come upon a new movie or picture and realize that my heart is a tiny apartment comfortable for only one. I then must reject all of the previous false prophets and clear the path for this new inhabitant.

For example, a few years ago, I fell for Zhou Xun. She was petite and almost simple, but had the most beautiful of smiles. As things often go with long distance relationships, there just weren’t enough movies she had starred in to keep my attention. As a matter of fact, I had almost forgotten about her all together. Then, out of nowhere, our Taiwanese Fonero número uno, Mr. YK, comes to Madrid. For no reason whatsoever, we begin discussing Chinese and Taiwanese cinema and I elude to my former “warm feelings” for one Zhou Xun. And as things go, YK just happens to be very good friends with one of her best friends in Beijing.

Then, my heart begins to swell into an inflated loving mass of a fortress. But just as it does, and I grow curious and by chance glance in the direction of Jessica. Now, my heart once again is reduced to a circulatory orgran whose pitter-patter pumps blood to just one soul.

Sadly, I have always been faithful to the future. But I suppose when you fall in too easily, it makes it very difficult to ever last.


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One response to “I fall in love too easily

  1. María P.L.

    Querido Eric,
    Por fin te encuentro.
    No creo que te enamores rapido, lo unico que sientes es una fuerte atraccion sexual hacia esas damas, que con el tiempo o el hastio se esfuman…
    Ponte en contacto conmigo plis, I´ve been looking for you for a while.
    Ya se que tu vida va bien.Besos.

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