At Home: A vacation from my problems

I am at home for the holidays, and like in What About Bob?, I am taking a vacation from my problems. Not that I have so many real problems, but I have totally disconnected (yes, pun intended). I have received barely any work emails (or personal for that matter), and I feel as if all of the petite malaise have vanished from my body.

While at home, I barely do anything of consequence. I have not really allowed my body to adjust to jet lag, so I wake up almost every morning at 5:30 am. And although I wake up early, I never feel particularly tired. I spend my days eating and occassionally, I take a drive either through my home town, Potomac, Maryland, or I go into DC. I love to simply drive through the streets and look at the house, buildings and vegetation. On the East Coast, the vegetation follows the opposite life cycle as in Spain. In Spain, everything is green (although barely) in the winter and dry in the summer. Here, the trees are barren in the winter, and lush in the summer. The rest of the time, I spend with my parents, save some time I had with my brother (his girlfriend and Dixon), and a few visits with some friends. I have felt little to no interest in even boring the readers of this blog.

Because Christmas has passed, I no longer listen to Christmas Caroles, and am now back to Jazz. On these two videos, I am listening to John Coltrane’s The Complete Africa/Brass Sessions (“Greensleeves” and “The Damned Don’t Cry”, respectively). First, I am driving down 35th and P streets in Georgetown. In the second video, I am going through my favorite short-cut in Potomac along Kendale Road. As is obvious from both videos, I am not even much of an aficionado, but so is life.


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2 responses to “At Home: A vacation from my problems

  1. la mega

    Es tu pulso o esque conduces asi de mal??yo contigo no me monto¡¡
    Por cierto cambia esa música yaaaa¡¡¡¡no me gusta..
    “baby i don´t care where you been before…put em high..”la la la la

  2. eric

    En Georgetown hay una parte donde las calles son antiguas y donde antes pasaban las transvías y por eso se mueve mucho el coche. Lo de la música, ya me lo esperaba de ti.

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