Dhafer Youseff

Dhafer Youseff is one of my favorite artists, introduced to me by my friend Fadi. If interested, I particularly recommend Eletric Sufi.


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2 responses to “Dhafer Youseff

  1. Never heard of Dhafer Youseff, and not particularly an aficionado in the areas of jazz and blues, so Sly isn’t particularly in my “favorites list” either.

    But cousin, take it easy on Hendrix!!! This approaches the nadir of blasphemy and certainly heresy .. (yes, he is a “God”).

    Save the Jimi!!!

    **you keep on this particular route, and I may be forced into activism!!**

  2. eric

    No complaints here about Jimi. Jimi is one of my all time favorites!!!

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