Déjà vu and Catch-22

Schiele: Autumn tree in movement

That ryhmes! In any event, in my previous post on Extra-sensory Perception, I allude to the psychological phenomenon of déjà vu. But from Catch-22, I also learned about its accompanying jamais vu and presque vu. Here are two relevant quotes from Catch-22 that illusrate these concepts:

The subtle, recurring confusion between illusion and reality that was characteristic of paramnesia fascinated the chaplain, and he knew a number of things about it. He knew, for example, that it was called paramnesia, and he was interested as well in such corollary optical phenomena as jamais vu, never seen, and presque vu, almost seen.”

The episode of the naked man in the tree at Snowden’s funeral mystified [the Chaplain] thoroughly. It was not deja vu, for at the time he had experienced no sensation of ever having seen a naked man in a tree at Snowden’s funeral before. It was not jamais vu, since the apparition was not of someone, or something, familiar appearing to him in an unfamiliar guise. And it was certainly not presque vu, for the chaplain did see him. “

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