Degas: Absinthe

I wrote an earlier post on how movies create unreasonable expectations of men. Now something else of late has begun to unnerve me. In recent weeks I have watched the first three seasons of Coupling (a British sitcom) and the second season of The Wire. I am even starting to notice the same type of disturbing behaviour in other TV shows and movies elsewhere. This is what bothers me: Everyone is always drinking alcohol and yet you NEVER (or almost never) see anyone with hangovers or debilitating hangovers, at least not anywhere near to the extent that I would suffer them were to I engage in similar activities. It appears that everyone and everywhere in the TV universe (where obviously I do not reside) can drink beer after beer, copa after copa, and guzzle down bottles of wine each evening afer work, and the next day they are back to business. Am I the only one disturbed? Worst of all I live in Spain where such practices are obligatory.


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2 responses to “Hangovers?

  1. Eric's brother- the comment killer

    the wire is an excellent show

  2. eric

    I watch it for the profanity, inner-city slang, and for Baltimore; all of which help me reunite with my origins.

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