Math, a wonderful subject


When I was a kid, I absolutely hated math (with the exception of long division). Because I despised it so much, I found much more fascinating ways of solving mathematical problems. Instead of actually “doing the math”, I always thought about the person behind the exam or problem and not the problem itself. Thus, I would ask myself, what answer would the examiner probably choose? I also started to notice certain tendencies in certain fields of mathematics. For example, I noticed that in Alegra, X was almost always 3, and was almost never an even number. When it was time to take the SATs, I would only read the possible multiple choice answers and never the questions. Then I would ask, what number would the SAT developers most likely choose to be the correct number? Let me tell you, if there was a 3 or even a -3, that was most likely the correct choice (or at least the one that I put). As a matter of fact, I recall my SAT tutor (yes, I had a tutor) was amazed at how quickly I was able to solve the math problems and yet I could never explain to her how I had solved them.

In any event, today math students are much more clever than I ever was. Click the photo above to see some interesting solutions to math questions.

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