Pete and Repete

Signac: Pines in St.Tropez 

Last night I ran into my old, old childhood friend, Pete. He reminded me of something that happened when we were young. Unfortunately, we couldn’t quite remember how the story went. Basically, Pete and his buddy Repete were sitting in a tree. Pete fell down and one of them was left. To see who was left click here.


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4 responses to “Pete and Repete

  1. Repete was left? mofo, you didn’t tell me you were in DC! here I am fantasizing about you in Madrid and now i learn you are in Potomac. My whole background scenario has to change now. You gonna come up to Nieuuuw yyuuoooaakk and pay your respects to your lil’bro and I?

  2. Old Chap Pete

    It’s been 48 hours and I still can’t figure out whether Pete or Repete was left in the tree. I’m exhausted.

  3. eric


    I will give you a clue: Shakespeare, slap in the ear . . .

  4. Old Chap Pete

    GranHuja, technically Pete was left (standing) that is. Did Repete have enough food and water to survive over time? Where in the world were they?

    Either way, rumor has it that their friend Ask Again was there too.

    Do you know who saved them?

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