You have your Lebanon


“You have your Lebanon and its dilemma. I have my Lebanon and its beauty. Your Lebanon is an arena for men from the West and men from the East. My Lebanon is a flock of birds fluttering in the early morning as shepherds lead their sheep into the meadow and rising in the evening as farmers return from their fields and vineyards. You have your Lebanon and its people. I have my Lebanon and its people.

Khalil Gibran (1883-1931)



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3 responses to “You have your Lebanon

  1. Eric's brother- the comment killer

    I still do not understand the U.S. position on this war and i am speaking both historically and recently. How can we say that we want peace when the U.S. is the number #1 proponents of the war. The U.S. gives/sells Israel more weapons than anyone else and I believe Egypt is #2. It makes no sense. Almost every leader in america refuses to come down on anything that Israel is doing.

    If i had two neighbors that were constantly fighting and i preached peace, yet behind the scenes (actually it is quite blatant at this point) i provided weapons to both sides in huge amounts, i would be considered a total hypocrite, lose all respect and never be taken seriously throughout the neighborhood.

    But then again the U.S. is a country that had the whole world on our side, including Iran, after 9/11 and now America has totally fucked that up.

    This reminds of an interview Malcolm X gave : “America preaches freedom and practices slavery. America preaches integration and practices segregation… A devil is still a devil whether he wears a bed sheet or a Brooks Brothers suit… I’d rather walk among rattlesnakes, whose constant rattle warns me where they are, than among those Northern snakes who grin and make you forget you’re still in a snake pit… Then the whole world would give Uncle Sam credit for being something other than a hypocrite.”

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