Jamón part III: The saga continues

The saga, the mystery, that conspiracy behind the conspiracy continues. Finally, Spanish jamón is available in the US. This means more jamón legs, but still no one has yet to explain where the pigs are coming from. For  background information, please read Jamón: What nobody wants to admit and Jamón part II: an alternative version. Does this mean more clandestine pig hospitals? More genetic engineering of mutant pigs capable of regenerating their legs? Will Dustin Hoffman be starring in the lead role of the sci-fi thriller?



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4 responses to “Jamón part III: The saga continues

  1. Eric's brother- the comment killer

    I have many great food related stories from the two years i spent walking around Southern Spain. All of them are related to extremely loving and caring Elderly Widows and the food they prepared for us. Here is one for today: In Malaga an Elderly woman would invite us over to eat periodically… she was really sweat and loved to tell us stories about her very interesting life. One time she invited us over and prepared sandwiches (bocadillos) for us. And, of course, this woman’s love for us was based on how much of her food we ate… so i usually tried to eat the whole plate and ask for seconds.

    However, these sandwichs were footlong sandwichs on French Bread (or probably from Don Pan). And inside of the sandwich was numerous pieces of Chorizo and tons of butter. I am not a fan of Chorizo, let alone a Chorizo filled sandwich. So i began to feed the cat when the woman was not looking… the cat started off begging and begging for more, until the cat finally got full and wouldn’t come back. I was stuck w/ eating the rest of the sandwich. A


  2. eric

    I prefer the old ladies who would get so excited about you coming over the following week and would immediately prepare the food. The food would sit on the table for a week until you got there. Nothing like a mayo-filled hard-boiled egg that has been sitting on the table in the open for one week. Classic!

  3. Eric's Bro (Ryan)

    yeah, i remember that woman (very nice), her name was Pilar and she lived in Cadiz. She really would do that… one time there were spider webs in our glasses. And i never touched those eggs and she didn’t have cat, but she did have a window.

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